The Missing Middle Housing Initiative proposed to provide less parking spacing than currently available as a way of supporting a ‘car-lite’ lifestyle. It will not provide more public transit nor does it include the development of amenities within walking distance to new middle housing.

Kittelson & Associates, a well known international civil engineering company that provides transportation planning, engineering, and research services suggests the five following ways of making a city more ‘walkable’ aka ‘car-lite’:

  1. Having enough people to support businesses
  2. Offering easily accessible transit services, complete streets and safe paths for biking or walking
  3. Providing attainable housing at varying income levels
  4. Centered around shopping districts, parks, and other public spaces
  5. Proximity to schools and workplaces so commutes are accessible by foot

None of the above are part of the Missing Middle Housing Initiative planning. It is simply for developers to be able to build middle housing in place of single family homes without having to request a zoning change from the city and residents.

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