The Missing Middle Housing Initiative is a proposed policy that would allow multi-unit buildings (houseplexes) and corner townhouses to be built in locations which are currently zoned as Traditional Residential.

If the Missing Middle policy is approved, developers will be able to build multi-unit housing on single-family lots without being required to consult with neighbours or seek approval from council.

The Missing Middle policy would double the current amount of permitted density in the city; it will also permit significantly increased building heights with smaller side-yards and set-backs.  If approved, houseplexes with up to 6 units could be built on single-family lots and 12 units may be permitted on corner lots.  These new regulationswould apply to residential lots in all City of Victoria neighbourhoods.

Many residents have expressed concern that the Missing Middle could lead to wholesale demolition if developers are not required to consult with neighbours and city staff are able to approve proposals by simply checking a box. Will the Missing Middle be akin to writing the development industry and investors a blank cheque? the .

The City’s Missing Middle engagement website states:

Missing Middle Housing Policy Objective

  1. Improve options for families to stay in the city
  2. Increase the supply and variety of housing
  3. Support a ‘car-lite’ lifestyle, public transit use and walkable neighbourhood centres
  4. Ensure the look and feel of new Missing Middle housing developments suit the character of the neighbourhood, support social interaction and foster a sense of place
  5. Support conservation of heritage and re-use of character homes
  6. Support a healthy urban forest
  7. Promote accessibility in the built environment

This website has been created by community members to provide additional perspectives and information that is not available to the public on the city website.  The intent is to review the City’s Missing Middle policy objectives, and determine if the proposed policy will achieve its goals.

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